Get Involved

photo courtesy of membersAll interested Mainers, farmers, fishermen, businesses, agencies, organizations and interested individuals are invited to actively participate in the creation of Maine’s food future.

Here are three ways to get involved, with many more to come as the project unfolds:

  1. Subscribe to email updates from the project which will not only share progress but offer ways to participate directly.
  2. Take five minutes right now to share your vision for Maine’s food future:  your hopes, your fears, whatever motivates you to be interested in our food economy and food system.
  3. Invite the project team to present an overview of The Maine Food Strategy to your organization, group or club and discuss how it can best serve your needs.
  4. Contact the project team facilitating this project.  Ask questions and find out how you can play a more active role.

Become Part of a Working Group

Working groups will be forming in 2014 to discuss specific areas where problems can be solved and progress made.

  • Do you have particular passion and experience for a special food, farming and fishing sector?
  • Does your organization already convene around a specific topic?
  • Let us know about your ability to plug into the Maine Food Strategy working groups as they form!